Event Management lets you advertise your event, making it searchable and findable on a map

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Our World is a place where you can see the Planet in a different way. Zoom into a country by starting at a particular continent and zooming down to the country. Tooltips associated with each rectangle contain a link to a website where you are presented with facts about that location. In tandem with your clicking a simple world map also zooms into the country. If you want to see the oceans of the world and the many seas, start by clicking on the Oceans rectangle and discover interesting facts about the many seas of our world..

Our World
MapIt! provides ways to embed a map in your own website. To do so, you need to get a MapKey from us which is generated using information about your website. Plus Codes are a universal addressing system developed by Google and used by us to locate the starting point for any map. You can get a Plus Code from us to identify the centre location of your map. Further details about embedding a map in your website can be seen here

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